Corporate social responsibility

At Bluestep, sustainability and social responsibility are important parts of our business and corporate culture.

Social responsibility


Our company culture is characterised by our core values; Professional, Respect, Drive and Different. At Bluestep, we are determined to be different. We are proud to challenge established beliefs in order to build a strong and sustainable company.


We believe that by taking more time to understand our customers’ situation we are able to accept many more customers. The core of our business strategy is to focus on understanding every new customer’s financial situation in detail, not just relying on historic credit data, but also spending time talking with them, ensuring that they have the capability to repay their loans to us and others, which in turn will ensure an improvement to their financial situation.


Bluestep has an ongoing partnership with Mentor Sweden, a non-profit organization with focus on health promotion and prevention of drug abuse among children and young people in Sweden.  Our cooperation with Mentor aims to build relationships between our employees and students in secondary school. We do this by participating in two different mentoring programs.

The Mentoring program offers students in their younger teens an opportunity to have a mentor, an adult friend working at Bluestep, for a year. The pairs meet regularly, twice a month.

The Professional mentor program, is a partnership between Bluestep and a secondary school in Stockholm’s suburbs. Employees from Bluestep visit the school to inspire the students. They talk about dreams, how to apply for your first job, and personal finance. 



At Bluestep we embrace diversity. Many different nationalities are represented at Bluestep and in total our employees speak over 25 languages. We see different experiences as an asset. Our goal is to be an attractive employer to all kinds of people.

We also focus on an equal gender distribution. The current distribution is 55 % women and 45 % men. We treat each other with respect and it is important that all opinions and suggestions are heard and respected.



All employees at Bluestep are encouraged to lead a heathy lifestyle. We offer free access to fruits in our offices, discounts on several fitness centers and health care grants.


Environmental responsibility


Our goal is that our business travels should be both environmentally friendly and cost efficient. But most of all, we try to travel as little as possible. Instead of travelling between the offices, we use video conference equipment for meetings that involves people from different offices. Furthermore, we have no high-street offices which means that the customers don’t have to travel to us. Instead all conversations with our customers are held over the phone or online.


Offices are a big part of a company’s environmental impact. We have a “green agreement” with our landlord, Vasakronan, for the headquarters in Stockholm. We work together to limit the energy consumption of heating, air conditioning and electricity. The electricity is environmentally certified and comes from renewable sources.

Furthermore, we cooperate to increase the recycling of waste.



In our offices, we strive to limit the amount of waste. We separate our waste and recycle as much as possible. In the beginning of 2015 we initiated a cooperation with Friends, a non-profit organization working to prevent bullying. We recycle all our cans and the profits go directly to Friends.


At Bluestep we always choose environmental friendly alternatives.  Fruits, milk and other groceries at our offices are ecological. 

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