Our mission is to bring financial peace of mind to more people.


At Bluestep, sustainability and social responsibility are important parts of our business and corporate culture. Inclusive banking is the basis of Bluestep’s business model, leading to positive impact for individuals, society, investors, owners, authorities and Bluestep.

The corporate culture at Bluestep is characterized by our four core values; Professional, Respect, Drive and Different. We are proud to challenge established beliefs in order to build a strong and sustainable company.

We believe in taking time to understand our customers’ individual situation. The core of our business strategy is to focus on understanding every new customer’s financial situation in detail and to ensure an improvement of their financial situation.

Working at Bluestep

At Bluestep we embrace diversity and see different experiences as an asset. A multitude of different nationalities and backgrounds among our employees strengthens our business model as it facilitates understanding for different customers’ situations. Our employees speak more than 20 languages and therefore we are able to meet our customers’ needs on their own terms.

Respect is one of Bluestep’s core values and it is important that all employees are treated with respect no matter age, ethnicity or gender.


Mentor Sweden

Bluestep has an ongoing partnership with Mentor Sweden, a non-profit organization working to help young people find a path towards a promising future. Using mentoring programs that provide young people with strong role models, encourage them to stay in school, focus on health promotion and prevention of drug abuse among children and young people in Sweden.

Our cooperation with Mentor aims to build relationships between our employees and students in secondary school.

The Mentoring program offers students in their younger teens an opportunity to have a mentor, an adult friend working at Bluestep, for a year. The pairs meet regularly, twice a month.

The Professional mentor program, is a partnership between Bluestep and a secondary school in Stockholm. Employees from Bluestep visit the school to inspire the students. They talk about dreams, how to apply for your first job, and personal finance.