Together we make a difference

Meet a few of all those who work to make a difference for our customers. Take part of their experiences at Bluestep and how they perceive Bluestep as an employer. Would you like to join us?

"Part of my job is to make sure new employees at my department feel like they are taken care of in best way possible. I support and coach all loan officers in their daily work with introduction plans and continuous training. Working at Bluestep is really exciting since no one day is like another, each tomorrow has its special challenges. Being focused while having fun is something that symbolizes and permeates the entire company, which suits me perfectly. The mix of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences is something I value highly as it enriches me both personally and professionally."

Linnea, Training Manager Customer Service


"For me, as administrator within the company’s loan process, it is always important to be the “extra eyes” by controlling all loans before payout. In my team we have contact with clients, brokers, other banks and work close to our loan officers. Professionalism and being solution-oriented is a strong mantra that reflects the culture of the entire company."

Emil, Payout administrator - Loan and deposit


"As Team Manager it is important to be a role model and a contributor to a good working environment. A functional work environment is one of the key stones in order to be able to help our customers in the best way possible, achieve good results and develop ourselves and the company in the right direction. My development curve at Bluestep has been steep with many challenges making every day exciting. At BlueStep there is always something new to learn and develop within. Young, multicultural and being inclusive are three concepts that describe Bluestep well. Bluestep is a transparent company where everyone has the opportunity to make changes."

Mona, Team Manager Customer Service