How does BlueStep use cookies?

The first time you visit our website, you accept our use of cookies by continuing to use the website. Below is more information on our use of cookies.

BlueStep Bank AB (publ) (”BlueStep”) uses cookies on this website. According to Swedish law on electronic communication (2003:389), we are required to inform our visitors that we use cookies, and what we use them for. In addition, each visitor has to approve the use of cookies and be informed of how they can prevent the use of cookies. The first time you visit our website, you approve our use of cookies by continuing to use the website. By accepting the use of cookies in the security settings of your web browser, you also approve of the use thereof. Below, you will find information on why we use cookies, and how you can block them.

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Read more about cookies at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS)

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Används till att registrera antalet unika besökare på webbplatsen.

2 år


Används till att beräkna genomsnittslängden för ett besök.

30 minuter


Används tillsammans med __utmb för att räkna ut när du stänger webbläsaren.

Försvinner när du stänger webbläsaren.


Används till att ge information om var ett besök kom ifrån (t.ex. från en annan webbplats eller en sökmotor).

6 månader


Används för att skilja mellan unika besökare.  

2 år


Används till att minska antalet förfrågningar och begränsa insamlingen av data på högt trafikerade områden.

10 minuter


Registrerar ett unikt ID som används för att föra statistik om hur besökaren använder webbplatsen.

24 timmar

Bluestep Bank use Google Analytics to collection information regarding user behaviour on the website. Google Analytics collects information regarding how frequent a user visit the website, and which other websites the user has visited previously. Bluestep Bank use this information to optimize the performance of features present on the website, in order to improve the user experience, to tailor the website to your preferences and needs, making it easier to use. Googles possibility to use and share the information regarding your visits to our website is described in the Terms of service for Google Analytics and Googles Privacy & Terms.

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Cookies being used by this website

If you don’t want cookies stored on your computer, you can deny or retract approval of cookie use in your web browsers security settings. In your security settings, you can also set which cookies you want to block or delete. If you choose to block cookies, it can lead to parts of this website not functioning as intended.

How do I block cookies on my computer?

A cookie is a small text file which our website asks to store on your computer. We do this in order to learn how our website is used and how we can improve it for our visitors. We also record visitor statistics and data on how you reached our website. There are two types of first party cookies: those which are removed once you leave the website (session cookies), and those which are stored over a longer period (usually 30 days on this website) or until the user deletes them (persistent cookies). This website makes use of both types. Even third party cookies can occur on this website. These come from a source other than BlueStep, eg. an advertising firm we employ to measure the effects of our marketing efforts or the behaviour of our visitors on our website. We try to be restrictive in our use of third party cookies and in the case these are used, it is to better understand how our visitors behave online, in order to be more relevant in our online marketing. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

What is a cookie, and why are they used on this website?

We also use web analytics on this website. Below, you can read more on why we use web analytics, and what you can do to prevent your visit being recorded by the analytics tools.