Bluestep Bank's objective is to measure our carbon footprint in order to set ambitious emissions targets in accordance with the Paris Agreement, as well as identifying tangible initiatives that contribute to this. In the long term, our objective is to offer customers more products that generate incentives for more sustainable choices.

Carbon footprint

Bluestep Bank's carbon footprint is measured in accordance with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This enables us to set ambitious targets for our internal activities that are consistent with the provisions of the Paris Agreement.

During the course of 2023, we will be setting clear targets related to the reduction of our carbon footprint. In preparation for this transition, we have already identified and implemented several specific initiatives that will contribute to reduced impact, such as the opportunity to sign mortgage agreements digitally, using electronic ID and "green mortgages" in Sweden.

Managing climate risk

To ensure that we assess all climate risks based on their potential impact, we have integrated these into our framework for risk management. Since 2021, Bluestep Bank formally support the TCFD recommendations and aims for gradual implementation. This means that, in addition to analyzing the climate impact of our operations, we expand our understanding of how climate change affects our operations.