Our role in society

In today’s financial market Bluestep Bank is more relevant than perhaps ever before. All of our customers have different needs and circumstances, all united by the exclusion they experience from traditional banks. Much is different today compared to only a decade ago. Forms of employment have evolved, and permanent employment is neither a possibility nor a desire for many of the youths entering the job market today. Freelancing, the growth of the gig-economy and the shortage of housing, in combination with the ever-rising housing prices, are all contributing to a generation facing difficulties in starting their adult lives in the most basic way – through leaving the parents' nest.

The modern financial market has also introduced new types of credits and loans, making it easier than ever to end up with expensive credits, and thereby facing late payments and possibly payment remarks. Previous financial decisions can threaten the financial security, as well as the opportunity to purchase a home. We want to offer the possibility for people in difficult circumstances to use their home as a security for consolidating expensive credits and to thereby lower their monthly cost, improve their financial situation and over time regain control of their finances.