At Bluestep Bank, we believe that authorities, businesses and individuals all share a responsibility to contribute to positive change. As a modern mortgage bank, we work for a more inclusive, fair and sustainable society.

Our ESG goals


We work to identify concrete initiatives that help us reach ambitious emission reduction targets. At the same time, we launch products that create incentives for our customers to make sustainable decisions.


The social aspect of sustainability includes our work to increase social values for our employees and our customers. We strive to ensure that we are a sustainable workplace, and a bank that contributes to financial inclusion.


Governance is one of our most important areas. As a respected and a transparent bank, we comply with external and internal regulations and standards that apply to all aspects of our business.

Responsibly increase financial inclusion in society

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our company's culture, and we strive to contribute to long-term sustainable development. Our sustainability work therefore permeates our entire business, which is made clear in our ESG goals.

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. In other words, our ESG goals describe our work to ensure we are a sustainable company that works to safeguard the environment, our social values and responsible governance. Our sustainability strategy ensures that our work in this area is characterised by a holistic approach.

As a company, we incorporate these goals into our daily work, and they underpin our efforts to be an inclusive, facilitating and respected bank. The goals help us to achieve our vision of an inclusive society, where all are able to fulfil their economic potential with the help of responsible and transparent mortgages. 

Bluestep Bank is a member of and fully supports the UN Global Compact*

*As members, businesses and organisations commit to actively engaging in work with sustainability issues, and submitting annual reports of this work to the UN. The work has a basis in the Global Compact's 10 fundamental principles, which are based on internationally established conventions concerning human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption, as well as the responsibility to promote the UN's 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Sustainability targets

These targets guide our work to contribute to sustainable development, whereby the environment, social values and responsible internal governance are safeguarded and highly valued.

Targets and results