Senior Management

The Senior Management Team is responsible for the everyday operations at Bluestep Bank. The team consists of seven members, all with a specialized skillset. To know more about each member of the Senior Management Team, please see below.

Chief Executive Officer

Björn Lander

Born: 1975

Employed: 2019

In current position since: 2019

Education: Business administration Mid Sweden university.

Other assignments: CEO of Bluestep Holding AB, Chairman of the Board of Bluestep Finans Funding No 1 AB and Bluestep Servicing AB, board member of Froda AB.

Previous roles: President Business area OCP at Bauer Media, CEO Zmarta group, CEO Webguidepartner, CFO Highlight Media, Group controller Modern Times Group.

Chief Financial Officer

Pontus Sardal

Born: 1967

Employed: 2021

In current position since: 2021

Education: BSc Business Administration and Economics.

Other assignments: Board member of Collectius AG.

Previous roles: CFO Ikano Bank, CFO and Deputy CEO Hoist Finance, various CFO positions at SEB.

Chief Legal Officer

Christian Marker

Born: 1979

Employed: 2005

In current position since: 2005

Education: Master in Commercial and Business Law Linköping University.

Other assignments: Board member of Bluestep Finans Funding No 1 AB and Bluestep Servicing AB.

Previous roles: Various roles within mortgage lending at SBAB.

Chief Information Officer

Anna Fogelström

Born: 1983

Employed: 2022

In current position since: 2022

Education: Master of Science in Engineering, Bioinformatics. Bachelor in Business Administration, Uppsala University. 

Other assignments: None

Previous roles: Head of CTO Office at Swedbank, Chief Product Owner at Swedbank, Management Consultant at EY in Stockholm and New York.

Chief Human Resource Officer

Karin Jenner (Parental leave)

Born: 1982

Employed: 2014

In current position since: 2014

Education: Bachelor of Social Science Uppsala University.

Other assignments: None

Previous roles: Acting HR Director and HR Manager Teleperformance Nordic, HR Specialist FMV, Business Manager Proffice.

Interim Human Resources Officer

Caroline Redare

Born: 1968

Employed: 2022

In current position since: 2022

Education: Bachelor's degree in Economics, Stockholm University.

Other assignments: None

Previous roles: HR Manager Qbrick, HR Manager Forsen, Nordic HR Manager Olympus, HR Manager Inrego.

Nordic Chief Commercial Officer

Erik Walberg Olstad

Born: 1987

Employed: 2012

In current position since: 2017

Education: BSc Business from Oslo School of Management.

Other assignments: None

Previous roles: Customer consultant at DNB, Head of Customer Support, Head of Customer Center at Bluestep Bank.

Interim Chief Customer Acquisition

Christer Pettersson

Born: 1967

Employed: 2022

In current position since: 2023

Education: BSc in Business Administration and Economics, with advanced studies in Advanced Economics at Stockholm University, Sweden.

Other assignments: None

Previous roles: Head of E-Commerce and Commercial Digitalization at Hultafors Group, Head of E-Commerce and Marketing at Arvato Financial Solutions, Nordic E-commerce Manager at Apollo Travel Group.