Investor Relations

Here we present our public financial reports, as well as a portal for our debt investors. If you're interested in investing, please contact one of our designated investor contacts.

Debt investors

Bluestep Bank aims for a diversified funding structure, mainly consisting of retail deposits from the public, covered bonds and senior unsecured bonds. The funding structure is considered well suited for Bluestep Bank’s assets, which primarily comprise of mortgage loans (with a somewhat shorter average life on book compared to those of traditional banks).

Bluestep Bank has a conservative approach to liquidity risk and places excess liquidity in high quality liquid assets.

A diversified funding structure reduces risk, promotes cost efficiency and enables flexibility.

Bluestep Bank has obtained a credit rating from Moody’s in order to provide our investors with an external opinion of the bank’s financial and credit position. Bluestep Bank’s covered bond programme is also rated by Moody's.

If you wish to learn more about Bluestep Bank’s funding, please reach out to one of our designated investor relation contacts.