Bluestep Bank's sustainability targets

We are continuously keeping track on how we perform in terms of sustainability. As a transparent bank, we regularly share our sustainability targets and results here on the website.

Financial inclusion

We aim at increasing financial inclusion in society and enabling financial empowerment for more people. In 2020, 39.6 percent of our customers' income came from other than permanent employment. We also have a growing share of first-time buyers in our customer portfolio. 9.0 percent of our new customers in 2020 were first-time buyers, compared to 7.1 the previous year. We also helped 61.7 percent of our new customers pay off unsecured loans and credits.


Bluestep Bank has set a target of increasing the proportion of women in leading positions and in senior management from 36 percent and 38 percent respectively in 2020, to 50 percent on a yearly basis by no later than 2024. We also aim for a gender balance and currently have 50 percent female employees. To ensure equal opportunities concerning salary and career development, we analyse our salary distribution in order to ensure equal salaries. From 2021 onwards, we will be paying parental salaries.


Carbon footprint

We will present reduction targets and an action plan aimed at further reducing the environmental impact of our business during 2021. Our carbon footprint for 2020 was 4.5 (6.1)* tonnes of CO2 for Scope 1, 83.9 (75.2) tonnes for Scope 2 and 212.5 (333) tonnes for Scope 3. The carbon intensity in 2020 was 0.99 (1.39) tonnes of CO2 per employee.

*Figures in the parantheses refer to the previous year.


From 2021 onwards, Bluestep Bank will annually publish policies, targets and results for the company's sustainability work. Our latest sustainability report was published in April 2021 and is available here. Further targets and results will also be available on our website during 2021.

Social engagement

We now work in collaboration with Mentor Sverige, a non-profit organisation that helps people find a path to a promising future. In 2020, several of our employees took part in Mentor's project Jobbmentor. A total of 490 young people took part in lectures and meetings to get inspiration for a future career. We also aim at identifying additional relevant partners with whom we can initiate and develop partnerships.

Corporate governance and internal policies

Bluestep Bank's governance is implemented through a range of policies. We regularly train all our employees in relevant policies, of which several will be communicated externally during 2021 in order to show how we apply governance in practice and in our daily work. During 2021, we will publish our sustainability policy, renumeration policy and code of conduct here on our website.

Analysis and management of climate risk

To increase our understanding of and our ability to manage climate related financial risks we are also implementing the TCFD guidelines.

Sustainability Reports

Read more about our sustainability work in our sustainability reports.