Bluestep Bank commence mortgage offerings in Finland

Bluestep Bank's mortgages enable more people to own their home or help them improve their economic circumstances in a sustainable way. The bank is now expanding and is starting to offer mortgages also in Finland. Bluestep will give a new perspective to the Finnish market which is used to traditional banks who generally have been using automated processes in their credit approval process. In a modern society where alternative employments become "the new normal", or where people might have one or more payment remarks, Bluestep will add value through our strengthened client relationships, where we make sure that we listen to our customers, look at their future prospects and possibilities rather than solely relying on their past. This will enable us to make It possible for more people to receive a mortgage offer.

Bluestep Bank is a market leading mortgage bank, who has been offering customized financial solutions to tens of thousands of customers in Sweden and Norway since foundation in 2005. As of beginning of 2020, the bank is only offering mortgages.

– We have created possibilities for our customers for fifteen years. Value is created through our mortgage offerings where we make sure to engage and take the time to understand the customer's entire economic situation.  We look at the customer's future prospects and ability to pay, rather than just looking at their history. We are thereby able to offer individually tailored mortgages which will help our customers improve their economic circumstances. The fact that we are now establishing ourselves in a third market is a confirmation that we are strong and forward-looking even during this troubled time, says Björn Lander, CEO of Bluestep Bank.

Fills a void in the Finnish mortgage market  
Previously, the Finnish mortgage market has been dominated by traditional banks that often have automated credit assessments, as has been the case also in Sweden and Norway. This means that many people with alternative forms of employment, without a fixed monthly income, will often be denied loans and thus excluded from the housing market, even if their overall financial ability might be strong. The fact that Bluestep Bank now also offers Finnish mortgage borrowers individual and modern credit assessments, is meeting a growing need that no current player in the Finnish mortgage market currently is offering.

– Through our individual and thorough assessment of each customer's loan application, with the person's overall financial picture and future prospects as foundation, we can help more people to financial security. It is with pride that we are now expanding to Finland and I am really looking forward to leading our modern mortgage bank in my home country, says Marko Lampén, COO at Bluestep Bank in Finland.

For additional information, please contact:

Louise Bergström, Head of Investor Relations, Bluestep Bank

Tel: +46 73 142 74 66


About Bluestep Bank

Bluestep is a market leading, solution-oriented lender that offers mortgages to customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Since 2005 we have helped thousands of customers to improve their economic circumstances in a sustainable way through lending and saving services. Bluestep focuses on understanding and helping customers who for some reason are unable to receive loans from their traditional bank. Personal solutions, enabling customers to improve their economic circumstances is one of the key focus areas. Bluestep Bank AB (publ) is a banking limited company that is under the supervision of "Finansinspektionen" (Swedish FSA). Additional information about Bluestep can be found on our corporate website.

Published 2020-06-16 08:01


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Bluestep Bank commence mortgage offerings in Finland