Bluestep Bank teams up with Amazing Leaders to strengthen its leadership for the future

In times with rapid changes to both business climate and the surrounding world, a solid, strong and joint leadership is crucial to stay in the forefront and to ensure the capacity to embrace change as new possibilities.

To equip its leaders for the future, Bluestep Bank has decided to invest in a tailored leadership programme, developed and led by Amazing Leaders, that will be running for the full year of 2023. The programme includes all managers in all our markets.

“Developing strong and diverse leadership is really key to any successful business and I am proud to be working in a place that invests this heavily, not only in top tier, but in all levels of management. Amazing Leaders has an excellent track record of tailoring programmes for companies and in times characterized by “a new normal” the demands for a diversified and flexible leadership are higher than ever before. This is an important step in equipping our leaders for the future and I very much look forward to following this process in the coming year”, says Caroline Redare, Interim Human Resource Manager at Bluestep Bank.

Bluestep Bank strives towards being a diverse and inclusive workplace that provides opportunities for self-development. We constitute a workplace where personal drive is recognized and rewarded, and we encourage our employees to challenge themselves to keep growing.

Now, more than ever, organizations need to prepare for a future of constant change. Innovative companies need to have leaders with a growth mindset and a common language. Bluestep Bank is proof that this can be done within a Nordic organization”, says Sofia Bågstam, Leadership Consultant at Amazing Leaders. 

For further information, please contact:

Caroline Redare

Interim Human Resource Manager, Bluestep Bank

+46 707 71 27 44

Sofia Bågstam

Leadership Consultant, Amazing Leaders

+46 730 80 31 54

Sofia Hagman Buhlin

Head of Corporate Communication, Bluestep Bank

+46 708 98 24 29

Or visit:  


About Bluestep Bank

Bluestep Bank is a specialized mortgage bank, a challenger in the Nordic mortgage market and a modern alternative to traditional banks. Bluestep Bank is present in Sweden, Norway and Finland and offers equity release through 60plusbanken. Since 2005, we have enabled financial empowerment of tens of thousands of people, allowing entrance to the housing market and a possibility of regaining control of everyday finances. Bluestep Bank AB (publ) is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. For further information please visit


Published 2022-12-21 08:00

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Bluestep Bank teams up with Amazing Leaders to strengthen its leadership for the future