Completion of the cross-border merger with Bank2 ASA

Reference is made to the press release dated 7 December 2023 that the board of directors of Bluestep Bank AB (publ) (“Bluestep Bank”) has adopted a merger plan which entails a cross-border merger within the group between Bluestep Bank and Bank2 ASA (“Bank2”), with the former as the acquiring entity (the “Merger”). The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority approved the Merger on 20 February 2024 and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority announced, on 7 March 2024, its permission to Bluestep Bank to execute the merger plan.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered the application for registration of the Merger. The Merger is therefore effective as of today and Bank2 has been dissolved.

Comment from Björn Lander, CEO, Bluestep Bank:

“Today, we celebrate the successful cross-border merger of Bluestep Bank and Bank2, marking a landmark event in our journey. With legal and regulatory formalities finalized, our focus now shifts to integrating the two entities and fostering a unified company culture – one that prioritizes our people, our greatest asset. A significant stride in this direction is Bluestep Bank's relocation to Bank2's offices in Oslo at the beginning of April, symbolizing our commitment to unity and collaboration.”

“As we move forward, our continued priority lies in enhancing the customer experience. By synergizing our strengths, we aim to redefine financial accessibility, offering mortgage solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. This dedication underscores our commitment to their financial well-being."

For further information, please contact:
Juan Navas, Head of Corporate Communication, Bluestep Bank
+46 70 306 2245

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Published 2024-04-02 11:31

Modified 2024-04-26 19:07